December 8, 2014

Rivers of blood follow Silesian road accident,Rivers-of-blood-follow-Silesian-road-accident

The incident happened after the truck landed in a roadside ditch and the blood started to flow out of one tanker’s hatches.
A fire crew on the spot managed to complete the clean-up operation on Saturday morning. A chemical platoon was also sent from Czestochowa to deal with the spill.
Fire authorities in Czestochowa told Polish Radio that the procedures following the accident were similar to those of a petrol spill, with some of the 8,000 litres of blood being cleaned up and the remainder being covered with lime.
Veterinary and environment inspectors were also informed of the incident, with the local veterinary inspector also examining the accident site.

December 7, 2014

Polish paraglider crashes into Maltese cliffs,Polish-paraglider-crashes-into-Maltese-cliffs

The accident occurred on Thursday afternoon, when the Pole lost control mid-flight over the Dingli Cliffs.
The 25-year-old is understood to have sustained injuries to his back and chest.
A Romanian friend of the injured man called emergency services, who were swiftly at the scene.
Local police are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

November 30, 2014

World Cup 2018 & 2022: More bidding process corruption claims

The House of Commons Culture Media and Sport select committee has published previously unseen material submitted to it by the Sunday Times newspaper.
It draws on claims by senior sources that officials connected to England's bid for the 2018 World Cup ran an intelligence-gathering operation against rival nations.
Russia and Qatar won the bids.
This submission by the Sunday Times outlines how England 2018 executives compiled a database of rumours and intelligence - gathered by private companies and, significantly, British embassies.

Israeli cricket umpire killed by ball

Witnesses say a fast delivery by the bowler came off the batsman's bat, striking the wicket and then the man.
The incident comes just two days after Australian batsman Phillip Hughes died of a head injury caused by being struck by a ball at a match in Sydney.
Umpires in cricket, unlike some players, do not wear helmets but such incidents are extremely rare.
AFP news agency, quoting the Israeli Cricket Association, named the umpire as Hillel Oscar, 55, and described him as the former captain of the national cricket team.
There were conflicting reports about how he died, with some saying that he was hit in the face, others that he suffered a heart attack after being hit in the chest.

November 29, 2014

Drunk Pole who drove lorry wrong way jailed in UK,Drunk-Pole-who-drove-lorry-wrong-way-jailed-in-UK

Tomasz Kruchowski was over three times over the limit when he was detained by police officers on the Black Country Route in the West Midlands, earlier this week.

''They saw an HGV articulated lorry emerge the wrong way from a no entry side road and drive onto the route,'' recounted prosecuting barrister Valerie Hart at Walsall Magistrates Court.

''It was travelling westbound on the eastbound carriageway heading towards oncoming traffic.

''Officers were clearly perturbed by what they could see.''

The arrest was made at 2.30 am local time.