October 29, 2012

Fears held for boy, 12, missing in storms on French island


The boy, named locally as Pierre Barnes, had been on a half-term break with his family on the island of Porquerolles, south of the French Riveria, in the Mediterranean.

Authorities today held grave fears for the safety of the boy, who is believed to be from the Midlands, after he went missing during a storm described as one of the worst in the past decade.

Extreme weather conditions including gale forced winds and torrential have rain battered the area in recent days, causing widespread destruction and left at least two people dead.

The boy, believed to be the youngest of four children, was reported missing by his worried parents last night after he failed to return from a bike ride alone.

His damaged bicycle was found near a coastal path close to the sea on the island, which is situated within sight off the French mainland.

October 27, 2012

EU Soviet Agenda and Comrade Cameron


The new poster is a clear signal that the EU is a Soviet Fascist bloc and is a direct threat to freedom, democracy and humanity as a whole.

A warning from history

"Not only are we laughing in the face of all citizens within the European Union, we are also revealing ourselves to be truly a Soviet system where we amalgamate and assimilate all within our borders. We destroy all individuality, all nationality, and dictate all economic policy. This is the EU, and when we get our stormtroopers goose stepping on the streets, you will see what you have got yourselves into. Remember that evil is allowed to happen when good men stand by and do nothing. The EU was allowed to happen, as was Stalin's Soviet bloc, and Hitler's Reich. No one did anything, nations stood by until it was too late, banks financed them until it was too late. The same is up with the EU, no one did anything, and unelected EU bureaucrats now rule over you. You pay for my unlimited expense account and my diamond encrusted pension plan, my unlimited global travel perks and my laughter at you pleb citizens, the scum that you are, I laugh at you," an unelected EU bureaucrat said from the EU parliament yesterday.

British premier, David Cameron, who knows very well what the EU is and how it will finally reveal itself to be a totalitarian Soviet Fascist state, was all too eager to proffer his congratulations to the EU for its recent Nobel Peace Prize.

October 21, 2012

New arms race? Poland to spend fortune on missile defense


Warsaw plans to expend up to US$400 million on the creation of its missile defense system as Russia promises to deploy weapons close to Poland’s borders in response to the proposed American AMD shield.

The US missile defense shield in Europe – which Russia sees as a threat to its national security – has been a bone of contention between Moscow and NATO. Washington claims there is no threat, but has refused to provide legally-binding guarantees that the system would not be used against Russia.

Moscow underlined that, though it has every capability of adequately responding to the shield’s deployment, it would prefer Washington's plans to be reviewed. No matter what terms the American side uses, the missile defense plan "is still an element of an arms race," President Vladimir Putin said earlier.

As part of the project, the US plans to station SM-3 missile interceptor site in Poland by 2018.

Russia in response announced it would deploy Iskander missiles systems in its westernmost region Kaliningrad (bordering Poland and Lithuania) to counter the threat. Earlier this year, a top Russian military official also raised the possibility of a possible pre-emptive strike on the European missile system if the US refuses a dialogue.

October 14, 2012

Nobel bailout? European Union wins 2012 Peace Prize

Snake: Srsly? They might as well give Hitler a peace prize too


The European Union was announced the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2012. A heated debate emerged over the validity of the award amidst the backdrop of Europe’s as-yet-unsolved economic crisis.

The 27-nation organization was awarded the prize for its role in “uniting the continent,” and its contributions “to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.”

The unanimous decision was made by a five-person panel chaired by Thorbjoern Jagland, the Council of Europe’s Secretary-General and a strong advocate of the EU in Norway. “The EU helped transform Europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace,” Jagland said.

The EU will receive a $1.2 million award on December 10 by the Nobel Committee.

The news came 60 years after the creation of the EU’s predecessor organization, the European Coal and Steel Community, which helped rebuild a continent decimated by two World Wars.

"The European Union is in the middle of one of its worst crises, but perhaps it is precisely now the peace and stabilization project deserves a hand from the 'no' country Norway?" Norwegian public broadcaster NRK said.

Norway, the Nobel Peace Prize’s host nation, refused membership in the EU in 1972 and again in 1994.

October 8, 2012

French bees make green and blue honey after M&M’s feast


Beekeepers in north eastern France have been scratching their heads after the hives began to produce a weird colored substance instead of regular honey. They think candy M&Ms are to blame.

The bees around the town of Ribeauville in the Alsace region have been carrying an unidentified colored substance back to their hives since August. The keepers have done a bit of sleuthing and think the Agrivolar biogas plant around 4 kilometers away is to blame.

The enterprise has been processing waste from a Mars factory producing the colored M&M's. The waste products have been stored in open containers and the bees could easily access the contents.

"We discovered the problem at the same time they did. We quickly put in place a procedure to stop it," Reuters quotes Agrivalor manager Philippe Meinrad as saying. The plant said they would now store waste indoors and in tightly closed containers.

October 5, 2012

Afghanistan bans all Pakistani newspapers

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Afghanistan has issued a nationwide ban against Pakistani newspapers to stop what security officials consider anti-government propaganda aimed at Kabul.

Ihsanuddin Taheri, a government spokesman, told the Reuters news agency on Saturday that Pakistani newspapers are often misleading in their reporting of the Afghan administration and wrongly accuse NATO-led forces of "occupying" the country, rather than offering security support.

He added that some papers have also published speeches by Taliban leaders, hampering the government's effort to bring the Taliban into peace talks aimed at ending the country's 11-year conflict.

"We totally reject these statements and the ban is to show them this," Taheri said.

October 2, 2012

Family values for sale: Unwanted wife removed from auction after media reports


A Finnish man has put his “insufferable and unwanted” wife up for sale. An online auction had to remove the announcement after the starting price for the spouse of 5 euros, reached the maximum 100,000.

­Local Iltalehti newspaper reported that the resident of Vantaa in Southern Finland who put his wife up for sale described her as ill-tempered, quarrelsome and hard to cheat on.

Burnt food was also mentioned among the woman’s worst sins. The man noted that she could cook an excellent pasta pie, though.

Her age wasn’t clear from the advert, and the Finnish husband praised her ‘strong points’ as a woman.

The man reportedly didn’t choose his words when he suggested that all those interested in the lot should pick up his wife “right from home, as soon as possible”, Itar-Tass agency reported.

The auction management cut short the sale after local press reported it, without waiting for an explanation from the vendor.

October 1, 2012

‘A Hero in Our Time’: Germany’s Gunter Grass hails Vanunu in anti-Israeli poem


Nobel prize-winning German author Gunter Grass has given Israel another tongue lashing. His new poem "A Hero in Our Time" praises Mordechai Vanunu, the man who blew the whistle on Israel’s nuclear program to a British newspaper.
­In a newly released book of 87 poems, entitled Eintagsfliegen, Grass describes the former worker at the Dimona nuclear facility as a “hero” and a “model”, admiring his decision to pass Israeli nuke secrets to the UK’s Sunday Times in 1986.
Grass writes about Vanunu’s upbringing in Beersheba as the son of a rabbi, who “pursued the study of the Torah’s rules and then decided to convert to Christianity.” He depicts his “hero” as being in the same predicament as the biblical Joseph and how his brothers tossed him into a cistern, The Jerusalem Post reported.
An Israeli court convicted the whistle-blower of espionage and sentenced him to 18 years in jail.
Restrictions were placed on Vanunu after he was released from prison in 2004. He was banned from traveling and denied contact with foreigners without prior permission. However, he has since been reportedly penalised more than 20 times for breaking the rules.
Grass, meanwhile, has been barred from entering Israel because of his anti-Israel writings and his former membership in the Nazi Waffen SS.
Earlier this year, the 84-year-old German writer provoked a wave of outrage in Israel after publishing the poem entitled "What Must Be Said" in which he expressed fears that a nuclear-armed Israel "could wipe out the Iranian people" with a "first strike," blaming the Jewish state of endangering world peace.