July 14, 2012

Cheeky exchange: Man passes fake 1,000 euro note - complete with naked women - at bureau de change in Czech Republic


It takes all sorts, or so the saying goes, but it seems incredible that anyone would even try to get away with a fraud as unlikely as this.

But one foolhardy man walked into a bureau de chance in the Czech town of Rumburk and asked how much money in Czech korunas he would get for a 1,000 euro banknote.

The cashier told him it was worth 24,000 korunas (943 euros / £740) and the exchange was made.

Sounds straightforward, but the euro 'banknote' in question was covered in pictures of naked women and one of its '€' logos spelled out '€ros', the Greek god of love.

The stars on the EU flag had even been replaced by love hearts.

As if that wasn't enough to convince the cashier of its somewhat dubious legal tender, there isn't even a 1,000 euro banknote anyway.

The unfortunate cashier only found out his mistake when he took a load of currency into his local bank and was informed of the note's comedy origin.

The bank notified the authorities and the perpetrator was arrested and is now facing up to two years in prison on fraud charges.

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