July 17, 2012

Schoolgirl speared in head by javelin


A Japanese schoolgirl was in intensive care on Tuesday after being speared in the head by a javelin while taking part in track and field training, an official said.

The 2.6 metre javelin became lodged in the 15-year-old's head after being thrown by a student on campus at Fukuyama Heisei University in western Hiroshima prefecture on Monday, the university official said.

The girl was training at the university with a group of fellow high school students when the accident happened.

Rescuers cut the shaft off the 800-gram javelin before taking her to hospital.

“She will have to stay in the intensive care unit for about two weeks,” said the official, adding the injury was not thought to be life-threatening. - AFP


  1. Hi Bernd, this blog is a fantastic idea, and the comics are funny as hell.

    Would you consider licencing your Polandball comics under CC-BY-SA-3.0, so that we can upload them to Wikimedia Commons and use them on Polandball Wikipedia articles (of which there are now in 26 languages and growing every day).

  2. I don't care who uses, copies or sells this material and I don't want to be mentioned. No idea what the CC code for that is.

  3. Hey Bernd, great mate. Thanks. I would recommend then CC-BY-3.0, so that at least a link to the site is given. Could you please confirm if CC-BY-3.0 is ok for you? Cheers.

  4. >a link to the site is given
    That is not required and I even discourage it. What's the code for "your are not required to name the author"? Then I will add that to the blog.

  5. Hey mate, this would be CC-0 Public Domain declaration. This is it -- Template:Cc-zero

    So you know, any of the comics you use will be found within http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Polandball

    So is CC-Zero fine with you?

    BTW, am loving your work here already! No need for BBC or CNN anymore ;)

  6. Sorry, this is the link:


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  8. CC-0 is correct. I'll add it to the main page later.