September 28, 2012

Iran Could Have Nukes by Next Summer, Netanyahu Warns U.N.

The world must immediately draw a clear "red line" to prevent Iran from completing a nuclear weapon, which could happen as soon as next summer, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned today in an address before the United Nations.

"To be credible a red line must be drawn first and foremost in one vital part of their program, on Iran's efforts to enrich uranium," said Netanyahu, who considers a nuclear Iran a threat to his country as well as to the entire Mideast region.

The premier said it was already getting "very late" to stop Iran, a regime that he said backs terrorist organizations and attacks around the globe.

Using a magic marker to literally draw a red line on a diagram of a bomb, Netanyahu said Iran was 70 percent of the way towards developing a bomb. He said the international community must stop Iran before it could complete another 20 percent, a process of creating medium enriched uranium.

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