September 12, 2012

UK installs CCTV in school bathrooms, changing rooms

Over 200 UK state schools have installed cameras in bathrooms and changing rooms to monitor students, a recent surveillance survey reported. British parents will likely be shocked by the study’s findings.
­The survey is based on a freedom of information request conducted by Big Brother Watch, an anti-surveillance activist group. The group said they were shaken by the results, which was much higher and more extensive than expected.
The report "will come as a shock to many parents", Nick Pickles, Director of Big Brother Watch said. "Schools need to come clean about why they are using these cameras and what is happening to the footage”.


  1. Is that a peep hole or glory hole in Britain's toilet?

    1. Well, I intended it to be a peeping hole, but now that you mention it...

  2. I hate my police state country

    Awesome comic though.

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