November 25, 2012

Wealthy Singapore ranks as world's most stoic nation

The most emotionless society is Singapore's despite its reputation for being among the world's richest, a new survey has revealed.
Gallup looked at 150 countries where about 1,000 residents were asked whether they experienced five positive and five negative emotions a lot during the course of a day. The results were based on interviews taken over a three-year period.
Questions included whether people felt well-rested or enjoyment, smiled and laughed or felt worry, sadness, stress or anger.
The 36% in Singapore who reported feeling anything is the lowest in the world, the Washington-based research and analytics organization found. This figure is an aggregation of data from 2009-2011; in Gallup's latest measure taken last year, just 30% of those surveyed in Singapore felt anything at all.

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