December 13, 2012

Large goat burns in Sweden

The Local on the burning goat
Also: video

Last night (at midnight, local time) a straw goat was burned down in Gävle, Sweden. A big straw goat has been erected in the small town at Christmas every year since 1966. 35 of those goats, including the first as well as the latest one, has been burned down or otherwise sabotaged by citizens. The burning of the goat in Gävle is seen as something of a Christmas tradition by many, and its fate is a matter of national interest each year. This year´s goat survived an attempt to torch it the day it was inaugurated, but came to an unfortunate end on the late Wednesday evening at the hands of unknown arsonists.


  1. You heard it here at Polandball News first!

  2. We don't need no water, let the mother fuck burn.....