January 17, 2013

Bringing in the bullion: Germany to repatriate gold from US and France


Germany’s central bank is set to reclaim some of its vast gold reserves held in the US and France, a German daily reported. The move follows an audit criticizing Bundesbank for mismanagement, stating the funds had never been “verified physically.”

Bundesbank voiced plans to withdraw its entire 450-ton store of gold bullion from the Bank of France in Paris, and a portion of the 1,500 tons currently held by the New York Federal Reserve, Handelsblatt reported.

The German government refrained from commenting on the reports ahead of its presentation of a new plan for the management of its gold reserves on Wednesday. Germany boasts the world’s second-largest bullion reserves at 270,000 gold bars ($177.5 billion), second only to the US.


  1. Yo VoidSnake, nice comic. I like your style and your jokes are funny 8/10 times. But please make sure you don't switch the colors of our glorious reich ever again. Its black-red-gold from top to bottom, not black-gold-red. kkthxbye

    1. Crap I think I was hallucinating last night >.> I will have to fix that.