January 30, 2013

Poland to send 20 'training instructors' to Mali


After a meeting with President Hollande in Paris, Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that Poland would be sending 20 troops to take part in the EU training mission in Mali.
“Poland has no doubt that responsibility falls on the international community and the entire European Union for intervention and peacekeeping in the region, but France has taken on the most difficult task in this matter,” Prime Minister Tusk said on Monday.
Poland's president, Bronislaw Komorowski is expected to make the formal decision, Tuesday, on releasing troops for the mission in Mali, where soldiers from several EU countries will give security training to Malian troops as they fight off an Islamist anti-government insurgency in the north of the country.
French paratroopers took the ancient city of Timbuktu after ten months of insurgent occupation on Monday, securing its airport and main roads as thousands of residents greeted the troops, waving French and Mali flags, Reuters reports.


  1. Polish fearmongering about Russia and Germany made them lick the boot of the EU and USA hard.

  2. Yes! Fight like mighty hussar who can into space as well as Russia!