January 8, 2013

Polish city to take legal action against The Sun tabloid?


The mayor of Lodz is considering legal action against British tabloid The Sun, after it described the central Polish city as being full of “drunks, loan sharks and pawnbrokers”.

“Today I am sending the editor-in-chief of The Sun a letter inviting him to see with his own eyes how much his subordinate was mistaken as to the actual quality of our beloved city,” Mayor Hanna Zdanowska said on Monday after the Sunday edition of the tabloid wrote an extensive article detailing what they claim is the decline of the once prosperous industrial city.

The mayor added that she has instructed lawyers at the Town Hall to look at possibilities of taking action against the Murdoch-owned newspaper for misrepresenting the city and harming its image abroad.

She has also asked the Polish Foreign Ministry to intervene.


  1. The Sun deserve it.

  2. >full of drunks, loan sharks and pawnbrokers
    Pretty good description of Łódź, but they forgot about football hooligans. That's probably why the lawsuit started.

    1. Which is ironic, because football hooligans make up a large percentage of The Sun's readership.