June 8, 2013

Russia possible candidate for peacekeeping in the Golan Heights

RT on Russia's quest for peace

Tensions are rising in the Golan Heights on the Israeli-Syrian border. Skirmishes between Syrian rebels and regime forces has led Israel to increase its military presence in the area, and U.N. peacekeepers to leave the conflict zone. The Philippines are considering pulling their 341 peacekeepers from the increasingly dangerous situation and the 377 Austrian ones have already left, following confrontations with Syrian rebels over a U.N. controled crossing post. Hope for U.N.´s mission in the Golan Heighs now comes from Russia, as Putin has offered to send personell to replace the Austrians and keep the area free of further clashes.


  1. I know none of us has been posting much in a while, so I drew a TANK for you!

    Anyway, there's a lot of talk about Russia building up its military strength and making its neighbours a little nervous. The joke, in case someone didn't get it, is that they're not going to the Syrian-Israeli border to keep the peace.

  2. Another peackeeping operation afer Georgia 2008.

    "Yeah i'm a peacekeeper, don't you see that?"

  3. noice one. keep it up!