September 17, 2013

Glorious redesign

Hello comrades. For two months I've been heavily drinking, and I come back to dissaray and squandering. Therefore now I take control over this blog. Don't worry, goverment approved comics are just as witty and funny.

Since I'm in charge, let's establish some ground rules
Rule 1 - Russian Federation is a glorious country with perfect goverment.
Rule 2 - USA is incredibly jealous of our glorious successes, and therefore must perish.
Rule 3 - Putin is the best leader this country ever had, and by denying that you shall be sent to gulag

That is all, I'll come up with more rules later as I'll get more drunk. GLORY TO RUSSIAN FEDERATION!


  1. Don't you think you can get away in the comment section. All-seeing eye of Russian gloriosness is watching you

  2. I love these comics. Please never stop.