September 23, 2013

Yet another hypocrite-off in America

Hundreds of protesters gathered in a North Dakota town on Sunday to speak out against plans by an American Nazi group to buy up property and take over the local government in an effort to build a bastion against diversity.
About 300 protesters, including some 200 Native Americans from nearby reservations, gathered outside the Leith City Hall where Jeff Schoep, leader of the National Socialist Movement presented his plans for turning the tiny North Dakota town  – population 24 – into a segregated place where whites can live among themselves. 

Group of protesters, including native American Indians, protest against the National Socialist Movement (NSM) in Leith, North Dakota. (Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013. Image from user@uneditedmedia)
According to Schoep, however, the plan for a single-race town in Leith is part of a much broader plan.

"We have to start somewhere," he told Reuters. "So if we start in small towns and spread out from there, it's sort of a test ground in that sense, where if we're able to get off the ground here, then we're able to get off the ground in other places."

Members of the Grant County Sheriff's Department, together with deputies from several nearby counties, were on hand. The North Dakota Highway Patrol also appeared on the scene in riot gear, but no violence was reported, officials said.

However, the demonstrators, some of whom had traveled miles to be in Leith, were vocal in their condemnation of the plan.

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